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Employment and Human Resource

Human Resource and Employment Case Law Firm in Delhi

Our flawless piece of advice on the Employment and labour practice

“Sharma and Sharma” provides a great piece of advice on the Employment and Human resource practice. Our Human Resources Law practice provides advice and assistance on legal, tax and regulatory issues in connection with workforce management in India. We are counted as one of the top law firms in India and always work toward the justice and truth.

How do we work?

Our Employment law includes plenty of federal employment figures, administrative regulations as well as judicial decisions. Applicability of the figures depends on the various factors like the industry, nature of work done by the employees, the strength of the workforce, duration of service, etc.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is based on the challenges that we have faced following the laws. We have seen industries grow and witnessed the new age. We are currently backed by our law firm in New Delhi and operate from there by complying the rules of law. We advise and draft the Employment Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Service Bonds, Leave Policies, Rules & Regulations and many others. We are proud that we deliver the best employment and human resource services to our clients.

“Sharma and Sharma”

“Sharma and Sharma” is known to be the best service provider in legal and business problems. We operate throughout the India and are a team of experienced advocates, consultants, financial analyst and the IT operators. We provide our clients with the impeccable law related solutions, totally following the rules and regulations of the Indian government.

What makes us different?

We are very much good at what we want to achieve and always focus on the clients and the relationship with them. We follow a planned approach and ultimately leads to the desired results. We do our best possible to pull the clients out of their all legal problems by guiding them and focusing their coveted judgements.

We cover many specialist areas of law across India.The most developed practice areas are Corporate / M&A, Banking & Finance, Employment, Litigation and Real Estate and many more.


Sharma & Sharma was created to drive innovation, excellence, efficiency, and cost effectiveness to a legal marketplace that was slow to apply technology and business metrics to drive operations, results, and client satisfaction.

We bring creativity

Sharma & Sharma helps our clients focus on industry benchmarks and identify ways for our clients to “do more with less” while maintaining quality and mitigating risk. We help them transform their innovation by defining metrics to measure performance, identifying strategic focus areas, and incorporating technology to its highest and best purpose.

We recognize that one size does not fit all

We provide our clients with a mix of expertise, engagement, insight, process, and resources – as well as a keen understanding of a client’s business.

We are truly global

We have made our mark in the global market by our smooth strategies and our ability to identify and implement solutions that are custom designed for the broader objectives and goals of our clients. Our resources can be tailored across the different geographies, enabling us to put a great business impact on our clients.

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