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Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual Property Case Law Firm in Delhi

Best Intellectual Property Lawyer in Delhi

Sharma & Sharma is a specialized law firm of active Intellectual Property Lawyer in New Delhi, India with clients from all geographies and ethnicity. We have been assisting business houses and firms across the country to procure and protect Intellectual Property Right across the globe.

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The IP is basically with the help of three fundamental elements patents, copyright, and trademarks. These laws help in protecting the creation of the people so that they can earn recognition across the globe from the things which they have created.

Patent Filing

The Patent is filed in order to protect the usage of the new innovation of an individual. This helps in protecting your innovation. Filing this makes you the sole owner of this. No one will be allowed to use the designs, specifications and the technology used in this with the help of this law.

Trade Mark

This law protects the name and logo of your firm. This law prevents the competitors to use the name or logo of your firm. The trademark is basically the name, phrase, logo or the combination of these things. This also helps in protecting your products from infringement.

Copy Right

The copyright law helps in protecting the creations of creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and the producers of cinematography films and sound recordings. This law abides others to publish your original work from the copying and editing.

You should take the help of our competent Intellectual Property Lawyer while protecting your creations. We assist you in all the legal formalities in order to file the trademark. We will also guide you during the patent filing and copyright related formalities.

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