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Property Case Lawyer In Kolkata

Property Case Lawyer In Kolkata

Sharma & Sharma is an expert Law Firm that is offering legal advice related to the property. If you are seeking Best Advocates for Property Cases in Kolkata, then we are specialized in handling all cases related to this. We have vast experience in this domain. We handle all cases related to the property dispute, partition, etc.

Our expert lawyer is backed by vast knowledge and distinctive approach to handle the case. We also provide our assistance to the real estate firms, business houses, and individuals in handling cases related to renting, leasing & selling of properties. We also guide you in the preparation of agreements related to the property deals.

If you are looking for experienced & affordable Property Case Lawyer in Kolkata, then we are certainly the best available option to pick from. Our comprehensive approach and case handling abilities help in providing you the best solution related to the problem. Our sincere and honest advice will surely give you an edge over your opponent.

Get Expert Consultation for all Legal Problems

Our clientele comprises real estate firms, corporate houses, business firms & individuals. Our competent experts provide the tailored solution to each of the problem related to the property. You should trust the advice of our lawyers regarding Lease Deed, Agreement to Sell, Mortgage Deed, Release or Relinquishment Deed, Partition of Property, landlord/Tenant Issue or may be Real Residence Acquisition.

Experienced & Affordable Lawyer

If you are looking for competent property case lawyer in Delhi who can offer you advice related to property laws, then Sharma & Sharma Legal Services is the perfect destination for all your needs. Our experienced and affordable lawyers will provide you best possible solution catering to your requirement. For independent investigation of the property, evaluation of the property, drafting of papers for leasing, renting, buying and selling and various other legal matters, you should trust our lawyers.

Our scope of services

  • Property Documentation
  • Property Registration
  • Property Law Services
  • Property Litigation
  • Due Diligence
  • Analyzing & verifying Title deeds
  • Conducting Title Search/Title Investigation of Properties
  • Acquiring, Disposing And Exchange Of Property

Pralay Kar, West Bengal, Kolkata

  • 17 years 7months+ Years Experience
  • Speaks: Bengali, English and Hindi
  • High Court, Calcutta and Kolkata Debts Recovery Tribunal
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